Special services

This are special services I offer, For more information please contact me.

After birth Traditional Mexican closing ritual.

This is a traditional ritual from Mexico to close the energy of the woman after birth. This process is both a celebration as well as a sealing of the energy that is opened during birth. It's very helpful to prevent constant fatigue, and feeling overwhelmed and feeling oversensitive after giving birth.

This powerful ritual consists of closing eotional unfinished expirirnces form the preganancy and birth ritual, a very hot bath with herbs, a warm wrapping that will make you sweat a lot and a Rebozo closing ritual with energy work. This ritual takes about 3-4 hours.

A gentle turning of a breach or transverse babies.

I use a mix of deep listening, traditional Mexican midwifery techniques, Chinese acupressure, and energy work to encourage the baby to turn head down in the uterus. This is not a painful or invasive procedure and it is pretty effective.

Natural way to "induce " birth or activate slow progressing birth.

Sometimes babies take their time, but the clock is ticking and after 41,5 weeks and there's still no baby, or the birth takes very long to really get going. If you are in this situation, this treatment might be something for you. The treatment involves traditional mexican midwifery techniques, deep listening, movement, acupressure etc.. These all to encourage a baby to come. This is often very effective and non invasive.