Fit & Feminine

Fit and Feminine is a gracious workout using a combination of belly dance fusion, yoga and Pilates inspired exercises. The intention of this class is of nourishment and to enjoy being in our bodies.

This workout is especially designed for women. While we are dancing and having fun, we strengthen all our bodies with special attention to our legs, belly and pelvic floor.

This class is for women of all ages, that want to nourish their femininity and feel more fit.

The level of this class is mixed according to the level of the students.


For this class you can wear something comfortable in which you also feel feminine. Besides if you have a scarf for around your hips, it's even better.

When: Wednesday's from 20:30 t0 21:30 

Where: Wageningen

Language: Dutch/English depending on participants


First class is for free, please contact me before hand if you like to join.

€50,- for 5 classes valid for 6 weeks

€15,- per class 

Mothers & Daughters 


  Belly dance fusion!

 This is a fun class especially for mamas and daughter/s.

The intention of this class is trough dance, play and massage connect and have fun with our dauther/s. Further more it's a way for girls to learn from grown up woman about womanhood and for women to remember to let there inner girl play and dance freely.


Mamas with there daughters of all ages are welcome!

For this class you and your daughter can wear something comfortable that you both also feel feminine in, and if you have a scarf for around your hips bring it with you!

Where: Wageningen

When: Wednesdays' from 16:00 to 17:00


First class is for free,  please contact me beforehand if you like to join.

€60,- for 5 classes with one child valid for 6 weeks 

€20,- per class 

extra child 

€15,- for 5 classes valid for 6 weeks 

€4,- per class 

More fun for parents and kids (also for boys)