Babywearing is to carry your baby on your body and take it with you into your life.
This has many practical benefits, for the parent it's more easy to take care of your baby and at the same time go on with your day, you can also go to places where taking a stroller would be very unhandy. If your baby gets hungry while your are out is very easy to breast feed, you also grow stronger as your baby gets heavier. For the baby it's very comfortable, it can stay warm as small babies can not regulate there own body temperature. It's in a position where gas and burps can come out easily. Wrapped on the parent in a belly to belly position,  the baby receives is a constant "belly to belly massage" in which the digestive system gets stimulated, this can greatly contribute to relieve colicky babies. Babywearing also stimulates physical and social development

Babywearing has also many emotional benefits for parents and babies. It helps grow your parenting confidence, as you are so close to your baby it's much easier to know what your baby needs. For the baby it feels very safe close to it's parents, this safety fosters independence in childhood. Babies also are often more content because while being carried by an active adult, they can satisfy there need for learning and being part of what is going on.

However ancient Babywearing is, in the modern world people often struggle with it. Either because they are misinformed and are afraid about the effect on the baby, or they do not find the right tool to carry their baby comfortably, etc... My experience after teaching many hundreds of families is that Babywearing is a very enjoyable and important practice, however it is also important to learn with what to cary your baby and how to do it, so that you can fully enjoy this experience.